Wojciech Wojtuszko

freelancer as game designer/developer

freelancer as sound engineer


Contact me in English, po Polsku, auf Deutsch or whatever you like :)

About me

Hi! I'm Wojtek - passionate game designer.

Since kid I love games - with family we (still!) play a lot of board and card games.
Later when computer era began I fell in love with them - playing for definitely too many hours... ;)
I also have musical background and music is big part of my life. During high school I decided to become live sound engineer.

After few years working for different rental companies, near to my location was founded new field of study at University of Silesia. I could mix my two huge passions - sound and games. During studies I discovered game design and development are huge fun and opportunity.

So my adventure with Game Development has begun!

After graduating Design for Games and Virtual Reality at Silesia University in Cieszyn, with specialization sound engineering I decided to do my own little games.

I'm especially interested in Augmented Reality! I think AR is future which we can't avoid, so we have to learn and enjoy it! :)

Here is few projects in which I participated:

as designer:

Seven Days Long Gone for IMGN.PRO / Fool's Theory
Worked with people who did among others Witcher 3.
In Seven I helped with design, mainly in-game community. UE + Perforce.

as game developer/designer:

Pfizer AR
Done with Unity and Vuforia. It's image targets based game used on events. I did everything except most of graphic assets.

GG Gladiators
Gun Game Multiplayer game made with UE. I did almost whole scripting and took big part in design. Project unfortunately suspended.

Drums Simulator (drum kit)
Get it on Google Play Store!
Done with Unity. I did everything except drums model.

Air Conditioner Simulator
Get it on Google Play Store!
Done with Unity. Simple app made for fun & learning Unity.

Ancient Vinyls
Done with UE for University. It's first person puzzle game. I did everything except most of graphic assets.

Endless Farber
Done with UE at GGJ 2016 in a team of 3 sound designers :) Defend your village from zombie attack. I did design and scripting.

as sound designer/composer:

Done as graduating project. Cooperation with students from California. I did music, sound design and Unity implementation.

Witcher Contest Dub
Done for Witcher Music Contest organised by CD Projekt Red. Contest was for make composition based on samples used in Witcher 3. I was one of awarded and my composition is used as part of CD with Witcher Remixes.
Listen it on Spotify!

Guacamole Music Sound Design
I did my look on sound for movie "Guacamole".

Real Valkirie Hoedown
Done during LAG - Letnia Akademia Gier 2015 in Cieszyn. I did part of music and sound design + implementation in UE.

Metal Sex Palace
Done during LAG - Letnia Akademia Gier 2016 in Cieszyn. I did part of music and sound design + implementation in UE using WWise.

Fanfare for brass quartet

As live sound enginner:

I worked as FOH and MON engineer at hundreds of events in Poland and abroad.
Some of them:
Najcieplejsze Miejsce na Ziemi Wodzisław 2018 (MON engineer)
Woodstock Festival Poland 2012 (main stage crew)
Sunrise Festival 2012 (stage crew)
Eska Music Awards (stage crew)

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